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* The 'Free LGBTQIA+ Assessment' is an introductory, cursory review that spans up to 5 hours, designed specifically to provide businesses with an overview of their current practices and initiatives related to LGBTQIA+ representation in the realms of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB). While the assessment itself comes at no cost, it's essential for clients to understand that they are responsible for covering any incidental expenses incurred by our consultants during the process. Once you submit a request for this assessment, we will provide a detailed quote enumerating these anticipated expenses. Should you wish for a more in-depth analysis, we also offer an advanced 'High-Level Assessment'. Kindly get in touch for a customized quote regarding this service. Currently, this offer is available to businesses operating within the European Union and the United Kingdom. For organizations based in countries outside of these regions, we urge you to submit a standard request so we can best accommodate your needs.

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