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Developments in recent years have shown that recruiting new employees is becoming increasingly difficult. Companies today have to offer more than an attractive working environment and fair pay. Sustainable thinking and understanding the needs of future employees is important to create safe and diverse jobs. 

As part of the project work, I can also enable your company to create understanding and implement the necessary structures.

Studenten der Vielfalt

customer acquisition

the biggest challenge for every company is to win a new customer bases. About 10% of our fellow human beings feel part of the LGBTQIA+ community. This is great potential.

I can help companies to activate this potential for themselves. Together with clients I develop and implement strategies to position the company in a sustainable and future-oriented way.

employee retention

It is one thing to attract new employees, but it is another to retain well-trained, experienced and loyal employees. The creation of a safe, sustainable and understanding working environment is an important part.

In the area of LGBTQIA+ Consulting I work with companies to develop and implement sustainable corporate structures that increase employee loyalty to the company, improve reputation and make the workplace more attractive.


conflict resolution

Diversity can also create conflict. This is usually the result of ignorance, prejudice or misunderstandings. In such cases, I support companies through short-term mediation, but also through medium- and long-term changes in structures, employee education and prevention to avoid future conflicts. 

Such interventions often require a quick and experienced intervention and a lasting change in the company itself. Here I help with every necessary step.

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