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As an experienced diversity consultant and LGBTQIA+ specialist at W1 Concept, I offer you comprehensive management advice in all matters of diversity. For over 15 years I have been helping companies to build a diverse and inclusive corporate culture to promote equal opportunity and innovation.

My approach is based on the belief that diversity is a crucial competitive advantage and helps companies to achieve their full potential. In my consulting I work closely with you to understand your individual goals and needs and to develop tailor-made solutions.

My diversity consulting services cover a wide range of aspects, including:

Analysis and evaluation: I conduct a thorough analysis of your organization to identify strengths, weaknesses and potential in terms of diversity and inclusion. Based on these findings, I develop an individual strategy that is geared towards your goals.

Policies and Procedures: I support you in developing and implementing policies and procedures that promote an inclusive work environment and prevent discrimination. In doing so, I take current legal provisions and best practices into account.

Training and awareness raising: I develop customized training programs to promote awareness and awareness of diversity and inclusion in your company. These training courses are designed to break down prejudices, question stereotypes and promote respectful cooperation.

Talent management and personnel development: I support you in integrating diversity into your recruitment and talent development. Together we develop strategies to attract, develop and retain a wide range of talent.

Change Management: I accompany you through change processes to ensure that the implementation of diversity strategies is successful. I support you in communication, building acceptance and dealing with challenges that can accompany change.

My business consulting on diversity issues is based on a collaborative partnership, expertise and a deep understanding of the challenges companies face in relation to diversity. Together we create a work environment that is characterized by diversity and inclusion and that drives your company forward.

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