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LGBTQIA+ and Diversity Consulting

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Interim Diversity Management (DEI)


Development and implementation of Diversity / LGBTQIA+ company guidelines.


Diversity / LGBTQIA+ Workshops for managers and employees.


Consulting in crisis.


Mediation within corporate structures.


Individual coaching of the management.


Recruitment of new employees
by creating secure and diverse jobs.


Development of new customer bases through a diverse and equal company presentation.


Motivating employees through inclusive company structures. 


From small medium-sized companies to large corporations, I offer all companies a comprehensive, individual and industry-oriented solution that focuses on the company's objectives.

About me

With the W1 Concept I have specialized in LGBTQIA+ and Diversity Consulting. Whether you want to strengthen your understanding of your diverse employees, create a secure job or win new customers - with me and W1 Concept you get a strong partner. 

Your vision is important to me. I would like to analyse the needs of your business and provide the necessary tools to make it a success. Since 2015, clients from many industries have turned to me as a specialized business consultant in the LGBTQIA+ space, able to develop and deliver tailor-made solutions in a timely manner.

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