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The Generational Bridge of DEIB: Connecting Past Wisdom with Future Visions

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) isn't just a present-day endeavour. Generations before us grappled with these issues, albeit under different names and circumstances. The fusion of their wisdom with the energy and vision of younger generations can create a robust DEIB approach that's rooted in history and aimed at the future.

Generational Wisdom in DEIB:

The civil rights movement, suffrage campaigns, and various liberation movements were early incarnations of the DEIB battles we fight today. Leaders and activists from these eras left behind a legacy of strategies, narratives, and philosophies that can enlighten modern efforts. Their resilience, methods, and mistakes can be guideposts for today's DEIB champions.

Youthful Vision and Future Hopes:

Younger generations, with their embrace of digital platforms, global communication, and intersectional understanding, bring innovative tools to the DEIB table. They offer fresh perspectives, challenging traditional norms and suggesting bolder, more inclusive solutions.

The Bridging Process:

1. Story Circles: Organize events where elders share stories of past struggles, victories, and lessons, allowing younger listeners to draw parallels, derive inspiration, and apply old wisdom to new challenges.

2. Mentorship Programs: Pairing experienced DEIB advocates with younger enthusiasts. This exchange ensures continuity of knowledge and the infusion of innovative ideas.

3. Digital Archives: Convert older generation's experiences into digital formats, ensuring their accessibility to tech-savvy generations and preserving their stories for future reference.

The Strength of Unity:

Generational differences are often viewed as barriers, with phrases like 'generation gap' echoing this sentiment. But in the realm of DEIB, these differences can be strengths. The combined wisdom of the old, the energy of the young, and the experiences of those in between can create a holistic, potent approach to DEIB.


As we endeavour to build more inclusive societies, remembering our roots and harnessing the innovative spirit of the youth can guide our path. Let's not see DEIB as a segmented journey but as a continuous relay where the baton of wisdom, experience, and vision is passed from one generation to the next.

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