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Politics and LGBTQIA+

Lately I had the honour to discuss LGBTQIA+ topics with all kinds of politicians. The most common question was, why should we put so much effort into minorities. So I thought I put i together in a short way:

Diversity is beneficial for society from a political perspective due to several reasons. Firstly, it promotes social cohesion by incorporating diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds, leading to better understanding and respect among individuals.

Secondly, diversity enables broader political participation. When different population groups are involved in decision-making processes, a wide range of interests and needs are better considered, resulting in more equitable political decisions.

Furthermore, having diversity in political institutions strengthens their legitimacy and the trust of citizens in the government. When people feel represented in political processes, they are more willing to engage in political life and contribute to society.

Diversity also helps reduce social inequality by promoting equal opportunities and breaking down discriminatory structures. A society that recognizes diversity as a strength can become more inclusive and dismantle disadvantages.

On the other hand, nationalism can be problematic from a political perspective as it often focuses on promoting the interests of one nation over others, which can lead to exclusion and hostility towards minority groups. It may also hinder cooperation and understanding between nations, potentially escalating conflicts and impeding global progress.

Embracing diversity and moving away from nationalism can foster a more harmonious and inclusive society, where people from various backgrounds can coexist peacefully, contributing their unique perspectives and talents to create a stronger and more resilient community.

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