The W1 Concept Ltd. is responsible as a publisher and editor for a variety of publications.


We work as journalists for news, newspapers, magazines, company and club newspapers but also for product testing. In collaboration with the Honourable Society of the Black Crown, we attach great importance to independent, social, environmental and sustainable reporting.


Our publications focus on reports on social issues, environmental protection, healthy lifestyle and sustainable economy.


Some of our employees are investigative in order to expose economic and political issues and to point out social ills.

New projects:

01.03.2019 New decision is made for another new magazine online and offline: "Urban living and travelling with kids". This magazine will focus on big cities worldwide and how nice they are to live in with kids. We will have a special view that is not just focused on the kids. We will also try to find out what parents can do during their kids are enjoying their lives. How attractive are locations for kids and parents at the same time. The publishing will start Spring/Summer 2019. The print version will attempt every 2 month and the online version will be updated on a regular basis. 


01.09.2018 Currently we are working on a new magazine "Living as global Viator". This Magazin will show the possibilities to live global without having just one home and still being sustainable. Mainly we are focusing on the high end audience but will also give tips and tricks for midsize budgets. It will be advertised in Europe in the first step and offered to Asia and US one year later. Through the Honourable Society of the Black Crown we have already a big audience with the exact interests. The first magazine will be published in May 2019.

20.8.2018 Starting a new book, blog and YouTube project. "Living without a steady home". We are focusing in this case on the new trend of "living on the road". Projects like downsizing, tiny homes and mobile homes are coming to Europe and we are looking at the ups and downs for this kind of living. We are offering advise how to do it legally and how to solve the problems. One of our journalists is doing a self-attempt and will start his journey in spring 2019.

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