In over 30 years I have been involved and been responsible for many projects. 

II founded and leaded more than 50 companies in Europe.

These are just some examples

Developing a new production department for an advertising company

Initiated and spearheaded the development of a new way of industrial digital printing on aluminium for a mass product in the building industry and launched product with high success to leading companies in their sector.

Founding and leading a transportation company for a client

The client was a leading European company in the supplying industry. I developed a new transport system and initiated the system throughout the whole of Europe, by formulating plans and executing strategies. This led to a decrease of the transportation costs by more than 45%.

Tranformed a company from individual products to a mass production

During Covid-19 times I successfully led a company as an Interim Manager to transform them from an advertising supply company to a mass production for personal protection equipment (PPE).

Development and implementation of Covid-19 hygiene concept

For a leading British heritage charity side I developed a hygiene concept and implemented it with training to staff and manager to reopen while restrictions were lifted.

Founding a trading company for a client

I founded and initially lead a trading company for products produced in Europe to export them to Asian region. I was responsible for founding the company, building the side, employing the staff and starting the business. I handed the company over to the own as soon it was successfully running.

More projects

Much more projects were developed and implemented by me. I have founded and/or leaded more than 50 companies around Europe in the fields of production, trading, transports and services