Jan Wagner interim manager

I am an accomplished and goal oriented Senior Level Management Consultant & Managing Director, Marketing Professional with 30+ years of combined experience credited as Multilingual Marketing Specialist, Online Marketing Manager, Quality Assurance Professional, Production Manager, Senior Management Consultant, Attorney, General Manager (CEO) and Factory Manager.


I am highly skilled in all facets of leading and founding companies, change management, renewable energies, marketing, business management, consultation, production management, HR operations and technical problem solutions.


I possess a strong executive presence with the ability to calculate and manage risk, drive difficult organisational change whilst retaining management and staff confidence & motivation. Instrumental in streamlining and improving processes, enhancing productivity, and employing technical and marketing solutions. Exhibits good communication, analytical, and interpersonal skills. An articulate and multilingual communicator with operational command over German and English and a deep understanding of the European and UK market.


Founding companies

If you want to trade in Europe, a specific country within Europe or the United Kingdom it is sometimes necessary to found your own company based in these countries itself. Being based in a foreign country this can be a tricky process.

I can help by just advising or founding for you. You will get the best help for founding, building or renting a site, employing staff, tax management, contracts, connections and more.

No matter if you need all of it or just parts I will be at your side to bring you through all processes until the company is running smoothly.  

Quick changes and system implementation

As with Covid-19 or Brexit a lot of companies have to adapt quickly and to implement new strategies. Most times it is not necessary to employ someone on a long-term basis. You just need someone who get it done. I can step in immediately to help with ideas, strategies or implementation. It can be a quick in and out or a mid-term relation until the project or branch is running. With my knowledge from various levels in companies I always have the bigger picture in mind to bring your project on the best possible way.

Interim Management

Sometimes manager or director leave a company with a short notice. Sometimes companies have to implement a project, new department or a branch quickly. In these cases I can step in intermediately. As a highly skilled professional with the ability to adapt quickly I can take over to fill a role on a short-t or mid-term basis if necessary. Having worked in various departments from HR, production, marketing, sales and training I always have a view on the big pictures and the knowledge to fill the role. 

The interim manager can solve your problem at all or can prepare everything for the long-term solution and keep the company running or adapting quickly.

Renewable energies and getting greener

You want your company to become greener? If you wish help where to start and to see the possibilities I can be at your side. I am interested in renewable energies and electric transportation for many years. I do have an overview what is possible and available.

No matter if you are a small or a big company there is always an opportunity to do more and to show you are becoming greener. With my expertise I can help to find strategies or to implement new ideas into your company.